Help NU Students Avoid Education Delays due to COVID-19


NU students’ BIG DREAMS will have BIG IMPACT on our community and our world. As a friend of NU—an alumnus, student, faculty, staff, or community member—and an Influencer, you are invited to help spread the word about NU.

Join the team. Become an “Ambassador”, and show your NU pride through NU Giving Day 2020! 


You have a unique opportunity to support hardworking students through your role as an Ambassador for NU Giving Day 2020. Giving Day supports NU’s exceptional students with scholarships, leadership opportunities, life-changing programs, and with Emergency Education Scholarships in response to COVID-19.


What does an NU Ambassador do? 


Beyond making a generous donation to NU Giving Day 2020, NU Ambassadors help spread the word about NU Giving Day and expand our network through your social media, emails, or word of mouth (#NUGivingDay).


Cool Fact: Raising awareness is most effective through committed folks, like NU friends and alumni. In fact, internal ambassadors are nearly seven times as effective as other ambassadors!


As an Ambassador, you'll be provided with a toolkit and simple guidelines about how to deliver your messaging leading up to NU Giving Day on May 27. Even easier, you can simply repost actual NU posts, along with your personalized comments.


Especially now, NU students are facing serious education delays due to COVID-19 which can derail their life goals. When the threat has passed, those students who continued their education through remote learning will be prepared to thrive. Students whose education was delayed, may face significant challenges catching up. NU has stepped up to the challenge to help students in need.


We can’t do it without your help. Please help us keep NU students healthy and on track for graduation. Become an Ambassador for NU Giving Day 2020!